Welcome 2019

A new year has come and let us give a cheer for all our wonderful customers who have welcomed us back to the food cart this month after our break. It was so good to see all your friendly faces again!

We will be continuing our Call in Order menu for those who are interested in the full chickens and other discounted meats. Please make sure to plan ahead for the orders as we need at least 48 hours notice in order to properly prepare the meats. Call 503-380-0688 and if you get our voicemail, leave a message, we will call or message you back to confirm your order is a go!


Some of our New Years Goals will be opening up that second location and growing our catering possibilities. We have had many requests for our food cart to be brought out to weddings this summer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that goal will be accomplished before summer, but we are working hard to continue growing to meet our customers needs. Keep up to whats going on in our BBQ world on Facebook or Instagram, follow us at www.facebook.com/jekasbbq

Closed December

Jeka and Kristin have purchased their very own home and will be taking the month of December off to remodel and spend time with the family over the Holidays. (A much needed vacation has now turned into additional work, but such is life.)

However, Jeka will not be completely MIA from the smoker! Every Friday and Saturday (except for this coming weekend Dec 8th-9th) he will be taking Call in Orders and preparing Full Roasts and Racks of ribs for those who call at least 24 hours in advance. There is a new menu located both on the home and menu pages of our website at www.jekasbbq.com listing all of the options and prices of what will be cooking up in December.

Prime Rib $80

Brisket Roast $18/lb

Full Rack $22 (with a minimum order of 2 racks)

BRAND NEW: Full Beer Can Chicken $25

The food cart window will reopen 4 pm Wednesday, January 2nd with all the normal menu items available for sale, except for Brisket of course, that will be available again Thursday through Saturday as usual.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Look forward to seeing everyone again in the new year.