JEKA’S BBQ Food Cart

12825 SW Pacific Hwy, Tigard OR 97223

Slow cooked to perfection, our pork spare ribs, perfectly sauced chopped pork sandwiches and tender BBQ beef are sure to tempt the taste buds of any BBQ-Loving connoisseur.

Located right on the corner of SW Walnut and Pacific Hwy, you can’t miss our smoker – working hard to lure you in with the lovely aroma in the air.

Our unique style of barbecued food is ready for a quick meal on the go – or to pack up for the entire family to eat at home.

Planning an event? Don’t fret; Jeka’s BBQ will cook for you. All you have to do is notify us ahead of time, pick up the food, and let your guests enjoy! If placing large orders, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Call now (503-380-0688) to see what’s smoking for your next meal!

Menu for all Meat Lovers

We have our regular menu items that can be ordered at the food cart OR if you plan ahead we can prepare special menu items for you! Need 48 hours advance notice for all special call to order items and large catering orders of 3+ pounds of one kind of meat.

Full Racks

Call to order Full Racks of the BBQ Pork Spare Ribs for only $24 each. That's a $2 discount!
Minimum purchase of 2 racks and we do not slice. Racks given in full foil pans to take home and keep warm or reheat in your oven until you are ready to eat!
Our Pork Spare Ribs are gluten free, tender, juicy and definitely filling.

Beer Can Chicken

Full Beer Can Smoked Chicken.
$25 for full chicken. Gluten free and cooked to perfection.
Only available for cook to order 48 hours in advance.

Prime Rib

Only available for Call in Orders 48 hours in advance. Gluten free and OHH so succulent! A 2 rib roast roughly feeds 4 people, depending on their appetite.
Price depends on the market price

Full Beef Brisket Roast

Discounted Brisket!! Yes please!
When you buy the full roast, we reduce the price to $18 per pound. Sizes vary, but we can offer 5-10 pound roasts for your meals. We do not trim or slice the roast, but this is the best way to preserve the juices until you are ready to serve to your group of people.
The full roast is gluten free, however, the brisket we serve at the food cart is dipped in a juice upon serving that does contain gluten.
We have smaller amounts of brisket available for $20 per pound at the food cart. This melt in your mouth, sliced goodness is ONLY at the food cart Thursday thru Saturday until supplies last. IF you would like 3 or more pounds of the sliced brisket or a full roast please give us 48 hours notice, as perfection does take time.


1/2 pound of meat and your choice of 2 side dishes!! So filling and so delicious!

This meal is great for a hungry eater or if you would like to have a little leftovers or sharing with your kiddo. WARNING: Food is so good you may just eat it all yourself.

Prices range from $9-$14 depending on choice of meat.


Jekka's Hott Dogg is our quickly growing popular sandwich that is one of a kind and you will not find elsewhere. This sandwich is the ultimate chilli dog, with your choice of a spicy hot link or german link on top of chopped pork, red beans, cheese and topped off with BBQ sauce and slaw. Give yourself some time to devour this messy delight and we will make sure you get all the napkins you will need for the clean up. (Fork and knife are also given as an option to eat more nicely.)

Call in Cook to Order Menu:

In order to place your special order, call or text us at 503-380-0688 and leave us a detailed message. (Date, Time want to eat by, Meats ordering) We must receive a message at least 48 hours in advance in order to ensure we have the meat properly prepared before cooking that day for you to pick up.
We will call or message you back to let you know we have received your order and to discuss the best time to have the meat ready for pick up. Please keep in mind our hours of operation, as we will not cook special ordered items on Sunday and Monday, but have options for you to pick up certain meats on Saturday and you can reheat in your oven for a Sunday meal.
Sometimes we ask a lot of questions, but it is all to ensure the best quality meal for you and your family.

Reheating Instructions:

Do you have leftovers?
Are you reheating dinner for later tonight?
You are ordering food for Super Bowl Sunday? But we are closed on Sundays.
Will you be traveling with our food?
There are so many possibilities!!! And we have options on how to keep your food the freshest and so tender juicy, like it just came off the smoker.
When you order your food, please explain to us the food is for later or another day so we can package it the best way possible to fit in your plan. We have different sized foil pans, which are great ways to store food in the fridge and just quickly place in the oven about an hour before it is time to eat. Or we can cool the food down and put it in zip lock baggies and seal it air tight to pack into any sized cooler to take while traveling.

Reheat Ribs, brisket, chopped pork and chicken thighs :

Always put meat in a oven/microwave safe container with a lid and dribble some water in with it. Keep lid on and reheat in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour, depending on how much meat is in your container it may take more or less time. Check on the meat after the first 30 minutes ensuring there is still a little moisture on the bottom of pan, add water if needed, so the meat is being steamed back to life. Check every 15-20 minutes after that until desired temperature is reached.

Reheat tri tip beef:

As this is a steak, the longer it cooks the tougher it will get and the best way to reheat would be over a hot skillet. If you are ordering large amounts for a later day, please inform us and we will provide you with a juice perfect for reheating the tri tip with. Bring juice to a boil in saucepan over stove or in a crock-pot, turn heat down to a simmer and when you and your guests are ready to eat, you can dip slices of the tri tip in juice to reheat. One pound should be left in juice for about 1 minute and reheat only a pound at a time to ensure even cooking of the beef.

Yes, you can reheat your leftovers in the microwave!! Just keep it covered with some water on the plate so it stays moist. We recommend you only set for a few minutes at a time, to not over cook.

Keep dinner warm in oven at the lowest temp (around 140) with lid on and a little water inside pan. However, do not use this method for the tri tip beef, as it is steak and the longer it cook the tougher it will be. Reheat the steak quickly over a hot skillet.



“For my money, Jeka’s is the best place in town. The ribs and brisket are slow smoked and the time and effort they put in really shows. The brisket is so tender it practically melts in your mouth. The ribs fall off the bone and are massive and unbelievably flavorful and tender. They make their own BBQ sauces (spicy and regular) and they are both amazing. The red beans are also a must. Their prices are unbelievably fair considering how much time and effort they put into their food. I can’t go a week without stopping in at Jeka’s. It is really something special.” – David M.


“We’ve been driving by this place for over a year. The question after eating the food is why did we take so long to go there? The food is some of the best BBQ we’ve ever had. Everything we ordered was off the charts and the staff was friendly. Pricing is affordable and quality is 5 stars! Don’t miss out on this gem in Tigard!!!” – JackieandScott


“I’ve dropped by this place numerous times on the way home from work. The ribs, sandwiches, platters and sides are delicious. Phenomenal sauces with just the right blend of tang, sweetness and spice. Did I mention the menu is as reasonable as you’re going to find BBQ in this town. Well worth the visit.” – Art P.


“My first time here and I will definitely be back! Got the meat sampler and side sampler. The chicken and pork were amazing, but oh man, that tri-tip is beyond ridiculous! The bbq beans were smoky and wonderful and the slaw was the right amount of sweet and tangy. Just a massive pile of the best ‘cue I’ve had in Portland; I cant wait to come back to try more!” – Michael B.